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Apr 15, 2009

Jim's Eating Challenge: Day 10

Final Day! Here at last! I'm so sick of this competition.

I knew Amanda had something extra sick in store for me for this challenge. For this challenge she picked something devious and one of my least favorite foods. In fact I turned this down twice before at various points of the challenge. Mayo. Ewww! So freaking gross.

The mixture and smell of the 2 combined was making me sick. After one bite I had to ask for a reprieve. I opted to go with cottage cheese and gushers (its like a juice filled fruit rollup). That was at least bearable.

Sorry I had to cop out at the end there. But I just couldn't do the mayo.

A piece of gusher is stuck to my mouth

Amanda and Jim celebrate the last bowl.

Amanda gives great presents! A $50 gamestop gift card!

I may never eat cottage cheese again, but I may consider Amanda's next challenge. We'll see. ;-)

1 comment:

Amanda said...

i love how you have the beer in your hand... probably a good wash down after eating that. i would have FOR SURE thrown up if you had challenged me with any of this.

hmmm... the next challenge... i'll have to think on that...

in the meantime, i think you should come up with something for ME